Seven years ago, five heroes were brought together to save the world. Their success came at the cost of their leader's life; the secret behind it cost them their friendship.

Now they've been summoned for a new heroic quest.

if not us is about the moment when they realise everything isn't going to be okay.

if not us is splendid;'s five eulogies and five broken hearts, and again, and again. I cannot recommend it enough. @demanrisu

if not us is a must-play for anyone who tells people's stories. It's sort of about what happens after destiny is done with you, and it plays with format phenomenally, and I love it. - Nissa Campbell

A collection of heartbreaking vignettes...obscure at times, but deliberately and productively so. - Cat Manning

An ambitious and sprawling collection of games...if not is us is unique among IF.  ★★★★★ - MathBrush

  • Five short stories from five alternate timelines, each from the perspective of a different character and with new insight into the overarching narrative.
  • Each story has its own style of interaction: watch your life flash before your eyes, write a letter to your loved ones, plead your case, or just stand still and think for a while.
  • Some of our heroes may yet turn away from their deadly fates, some may succumb, and some may need convincing.
  • Nearly 30,000 words of branching narratives.
  • The stories in the anthology can be played in (nearly) any order, but you might find yourself revisiting one or two later with new insight.
  • I hope you like dramatic irony.
  • And big women with horns.

if not us is free, but donors of $3 or more get access to the making of if not us - a 20 page PDF booklet which includes concept art, planning notes, flowcharts, Twine maps, and discussions of mechanics.

Director/writer/programmer: ruqiyah @pettyantics

Character design & art: @hiimshiny

Editing: saf @wanderlustin

Trailer music is "Requiem of the radboy" by Memphre.


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