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My Lil Fanfic is the world's greatest/first/only/most wholesome fanfic writing simulator. Never before have players been able to experience the creative processes of an author of fan fiction so directly and so viscerally.[citation needed]

My Lil Fanfic was nominated for an award in Australia's longest running Independent Games Festival,  Freeplay's 2018 Awards in the Micro-Game category.

My Lil Fanfic was shown at SXSW as part of the Australia House Showcase and at GDC after the Romance and Sexuality in Games Roundtable.

My Lil Fanfic has been shown at the Australian games conventions AvCon (Adelaide) and Gammacon (Canberra).

My Lil Fanfic was shown at National Young Writer's Festival as part of Freeplay's Playful Spaces showcase.


  • admiration and affirmation
  • a responsive environment
  • so many meaningful choices, folks

Originally prototyped in 48 hours as part of Blushbox's Heartbeat Game Jam by:

jae @jemztones - programming & "literally everything not covered below" - ruqiyah

ruqiyah @pettyantics - wordsmith & fanfiction anthropologist

Josh Brendanson - love consultant & wordsmith

Nic Wechter @NicWektar - CG Artist

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