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My Lil Fanfic is the world's greatest/first/only/sexiest fanfic writing simulator. Never before have players been able to experience the creative processes of an author of erotic fan fiction so directly and so viscerally.[citation needed]

My Lil Fanfic was shown at SXSW as part of the Australia House Showcase and at GDC after the Romance and Sexuality in Games Roundtable.


  • admiration and affirmation
  • a responsive environment
  • so many meaningful choices, folks

Originally prototyped in 48 hours as part of Blushbox's Heartbeat Game Jam by:

jae @jemztones - programming & "literally everything not covered below" - ruqiyah

ruqiyah @pettyantics - wordsmith & fanfiction anthropologist

Josh Brendanson - love consultant & wordsmith

Nic Wechter @NicWektar - CG Artist

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